Consultancy Services

Focus on the goals and priorities that matter to you and achieve the results you need for your business to Thrive and Grow, through the help of our expert Consultancy services!

Touchpoint Consultations:

1 hour Discovery (Skype/MS Teams) Touchpoint Consultation Services: £79.00  Launch offer £59.00
2 hour Discovery (Skype/MS Teams) Touchpoint Consultation Services: £148.00  Launch offer £108.00

Everything is made easy, just click, ‘Select Your Date’ to Book and select ‘Buy Now’.
That’s it, you’re all set to go, and we’ll be in touch and help you take it from there.


Who we love to work with:

SME Businesses, HR Leaders, Business Managers, Business Leaders and Influencers.

Solopreneurs, Sole Traders, Ltd Company’s, Contractors, Pre, and New Start-ups.

Our Flexible approach:

We give you the confidence to do the right things and will stop you from doing the wrong ones.

We work as a trusted partner with you and your business, and together we’ll go through the discovery process step-by-step, take the stress out of your day-to-day and target the priorities to grow your business.

Flexible Services:

Available; Onsite, in person (applying safe conditions), and Online, virtual via MS Teams, Skype, WhatsApp, or Mobile phone.

How we empower you to Thrive and Grow your business:

Achieve successful results and improvements to your business through our expertise, shared in short bursts and broken down into small actions.

A great place to start and discover your business needs is through our Consultancy Touchpoints, and we can give you the confidence and know how to get started in as little as one hour!

You’ll be able to remove the stress out of your day-to-day and make progress on your goals and the things that matter.

Your day-to-day routine will be more relaxed and focused, which means your business plans will always be relevant, fluid, and flexible enough to evolve at the right pace for your business to Thrive and Grow.

“Helping your business to achieve a successful future"

”See what other Businesses have to say about working with our services, and resolving their issues, problems and demands, and how we help to stretch the boundaries”

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    Dave, Public sector Project Executive
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