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Coaching & Development Services: Sole Traders, Ltd Co, Contactors, SME’s, Pre, and New Start-ups.

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Here are just some of the ways our industry leading services are able to make a difference and support your business

  • Develop Pre-start and Start-up new and existing business model concept wireframes (extremely powerful with a Roadmap)
  • Coaching for avoidance strategies, when setting up a new business from concept stage, business growth, changing direction
  • Development, ownership of Business and personal Roadmaps
  • Develop Blueprint (core business areas), SMART techniques to target business challenges head on
  • Develop business brand by strategic, tools, methods, techniques
  • Create personal and business effective Key Performance Indicators, KPI’s, aligned to business model and business vision


 Examples of how we provide solutions to achieve fast, results:

Example 1: Client is worried that their business model doesn’t fit with today’s customer demands, and not sure where to start and how to adapt their current model?

We develop a bespoke wireframe to identify current and new opportunities and design the wireframe to be adaptable so that it can meet the clients longer-term strategies.

Example 2: Client is not sure what new skills are crucial to invest in, to ensure their business will be able to trade in the future, and how to plan for the next 6-18 months, whilst they put their plans in place?

We use our established tools to identify where the client should invest and align these to the reasons why, creating avoidance strategies to prevent costly mistakes, and bring these to life through individual or business roadmaps that quickly allows the client to see their vision and the proposed route they will follow to get through the journey and realise their vision.

We help you target the priorities that matter to you and take the stress out of your day-to-day, to help your business Thrive and Grow.


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