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Coaching and Consultancy Services: SME’s, HR, Business Managers, Leaders, and Influencers.

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Here are just some of the ways our industry leading services are able to make a difference and support your business

  • Utilise untapped business improvement areas, by delivering agile and people solutions
  • Effect business transformational changes, by change tools and techniques and coaching to add measurable value
  • Coaching and preparing decision makers for effective business changes, by upskilling
  • Coaching and preparing people in readiness for change
  • Coach and deploy effective and efficient individual and collective consultation (Redundancy), process and procedures, site closures, relocation activities, restructures, and TUPE
  • Transition businesses to the ‘new normal’ by ‘Healthy Business' model techniques

Examples of how we provide solutions to achieve fast, results:

Example 1: Client is worried their business is no longer sustainable, and they won’t be able to continue to trade, or trade in the same way, because their customers habits are rapidly changing.

We help to resolve this disposition, through developing Trading recovery plans, that recognises potential risks and where there may be a need to make necessary changes, and recovery plans that provide practical, cost effective options to stabilise their business, whilst it recovers.

Example 2: Client is concerned with how to encourage an engaged workforce and help to improve performance, career development and a positive employee experience?

We start with an ‘employer value proposition’ [EVP], and develop and tailor this to appeal to the clients ideal ‘model employee’ and build a full attraction plan that is split into stages, from recruitment, through to developing and retaining talent. The EVP is a tool that the client can deposit and use many times and is designed to be flexible and adaptable so that it meets the clients short, medium, and long-term goals.

We help you target the priorities that matter to you and take the stress out of your day-to-day, to help your business Thrive and Grow.


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