About Founder and Owner

Hello I’m Jessica,

I’m the proud founder and owner of Changetoolbox and a qualified Chartered Fellow and professional business Consultant. I’ve spent over 30 years working at senior level for business industry leaders such as, Rolls-Royce, Unilever and Vodafone. I’ve used my skills and expertise to support and be instrumental in the success of many leading industries, and now it’s time to break the myth that only big companies can afford success.

I’m sharing years of industry leading skills and experience and all the things you need to know to make your business a success; through Changetoolbox Business Community you’ll find all the solutions you need so your business can thrive and grow!

My mission is to offer every single business the opportunity to use industry leading expertise, to grow your own winning business and thrive through being part of a trusted business community.

Best wishes Jessica

Touchpoints services drive fast high impact results to help you grow your business, customers, clients, and profits!

One2One Revive works in real-time, focused on your high-level strategy and actionable hard-hitting plans with intent!

Ongoing By Design takes your business up a gear and gives accountability to your hands-on and strategic partner!

Your Business Tracker will keep you focused and on target to maximise your productivity and fuel your profits!

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