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     “How do I access my membership package”?

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    Once you sign up to your chosen annual Business Community membership and make payment, you will be automatically be redirected to a Membership Area, it will list the Subscription(s) you have paid to access and you will instantly be able to view the content of these paid services.

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    When you log into the Changetoolbox website as a paid Member, you will automatically be redirected to your Membership Area and have links to all the services you have paid to access through your chosen annual Business Community membership subscription.

    “Are “WE” and The MyToolBox Range a course or a programme”?

    No. We want to provide you with the flexibility, accessibility, and the autonomy to use “WE” and MyToolBox however and whenever you choose, through the benefits of an App experience.

    Looking after wellbeing, building resilience, and providing the right tools is essential for a successful business, so these tools can be used in isolation or to integrate, or to work alongside your current resources.

    You and your business will significantly benefit from the time, resource, and money that “WE” and MyToolBox will save, through ready prepared Q&A’s, evidence-based tips, great conversation starters and a wealth of information.

    The learning and developing experience through “WE” and MyToolBox are as unique as your business, and through the support of frameworks, objectives, and activities the results will speak for themselves.

    “What can I expect to receive if I subscribe to a Business Community membership”?

    Through your membership you can expect to receive immediate access to a range of tools, information, and freedom to access intuitive native app with features and functionality, and many other empowering resources that will vary depending on the membership you decide is the right fit for you and your business.

    Each membership will offer you the same high standards, helping your business to achieve a successful future through the help and support of over 300 pieces of resources developed by qualified experts with years of evidence-based experience and every Business Community membership will automatically receive membership Rewards and as a minimum your membership will include:

    *Access to "WE"

    Through an intuitive app with features and functionality, you will have access to unique monthly dashboards and a ready built intuitive framework of Wellbeing Endeavours; helping you to support people’s mental health and wellbeing and connecting wellbeing with individual and business objectives, putting you in a great place to help support others. No cardboard, or paper to pass around, "WE" is totally agile and safe and ready to make a difference to people’s lives when you are!

    *A portfolio of Upskilling, Reskilling tools

    Instant access to tools that help you to reskill on what you already know and upskill through new tools, to strengthen your business toolkit and support you and your business to reach your full potential, tools to use time and time over, developed by qualified professional experts.

    *Business Community News Articles

    Hand selected Information and best practices, designed to help you, your people, and your business, connect with forward thinking People and Workplace solutions, your news articles are more than interesting, offering you tips, guidance and evidence-based advice to use now or store for the future.

    Start your Business Community experience and take a look around the leading Business Community Range; there are so many fantastic features to share with you, and if you still have any questions, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your questions are always gratefully received!

    “Can I upgrade my membership package”?

    Yes, this option is available at the end of your current membership subscription plan. Currently, the option to change, or upgrade your Business Community membership part way through your annual subscription is not available.

    “Will I have access to membership support”?

    Yes, we want you to have the best user experience, to help you to enjoy your membership Benefits and Rewards, so we have a dedicated a contact process for our Business Community members to use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where you can ask any questions and instantly share with us what you would like to see as a member, and what you would like more of, helping us to help you make the most of your membership.

  • The Hungry Business Professionals Open or Close

    “Will I be able to download The Hungry Business Professionals recipes”?

    Although the recipes are not available for downloading, they are digital and accessible 24/7 through your Business Community memberships on the device of your choice, giving you access to your favourite Hungry Business Professionals Recipes wherever and whenever you want to plan for those hungry moments during your working week. As a member of Business Community If you have any favourite recipes you think fellow hungry professionals will enjoy, you can share them through contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Our Consultancy Services Approach Open or Close

    “What is the difference between your Virtual and Onsite Consultancy services”?

    Our approach is the same whether you choose our Virtual or Onsite Consultancy services, we will work with you as an extension to you and your business, listen to your thoughts, ideas, and challenges, and help you to work out your priorities and translate them into simple, easy to understand, usable solutions.

    “I need to grow my brand and need exposure, to ultimately boost my sales, will your services be able to help”?

    Absolutely, we will introduce tools, including strategic Roadmapping, to give you instant visuals of where to position your brand and the types of exposure to maximise fast results for your business.

    “I’m a New Entrepreneur and I want to build and establish my own online business, are your services and tools only tailored for businesses that are already up and running”?

    No. Our mission and vision is to support and give ‘Every business’ the opportunity to develop a sustainable future, through established methods, agile toolkits, empowering frameworks, and solutions, developed through years of expertise, to help change people’s lives.

    We can support you to achieve your goals and help to develop a wireframe, provide evidence-based ideas and ‘avoidance guides’ to minimise your costs, to help you to launch your new online business.

    “I’m worried that my business model doesn’t fit with today’s customer’s needs, but I’m not sure where to start and how to adapt my current business model, how can your services help me”?

    We will develop a bespoke wireframe to help show you where your current business is right now, and show you some options that you can adopt to meet your new customer demands, through designing and developing a wireframe that has the requirements to meet today’s customer needs, and also take care of your longer-term strategies.

    “I don’t know where to invest to help develop my people and my business, so that we can continue to trade in the future, and how to plan for the next 6-18 months, so, how will being a member of the Business Community and your Consultancy services help me”?

    Through your Business Community membership, you will have the advantage of using the tools and products to help you feel empowered and confident to manage your people and business, make the right decisions, and make the changes you require, stretching your investment even further.

    We can guide you through the use of our established tools to help you to identify potential options of where to invest, and will bring these to life through individual/business roadmaps to help you to quickly see the optional routes you can adopt to move forward to realise your goals and vision.

    “A lot of my team are now working remotely, from home and I’m concerned about their mental health and wellbeing, which services would you advise that will help me the best”?

    There are several options we can discuss, both virtual and onsite services are potentially suitable, to help you to make the right decisions and we can support you to develop a high-level plan that is scalable and aligned with the number of people, by work area, function, and job role in your business .

    The “WE” Wellbeing Endeavours will also help you to quickly put in place activities that will help your team to build resilience and their coping strategies, and through The MyToolBox range, you will have access to all the tips, ideas, Q&A’s and great conversation starters, you’ll need to help you to support mental health and wellbeing across your business.

    “I’m concerned  that recent work from home work practices are effecting how my team are engaging with others, and how it is effecting performance, and want to address this, but make it a positive employee experience! How can your services help, or should I join the Business Community”?

    Absolutely, we can help, and both our services, virtual and onsite will support your needs. We would start with an ‘employer value proposition’ [EVP], and guide you through this process. We will help you to build a full attraction plan that is split into stages, from recruitment, through to developing and retaining talent.

    Your EVP is your secret tool that you can deposit and use many times, we will help you to ensure that it is flexible and adaptable in design, so that it meets your short, medium, and long-term goals.

    Through the Business Community, you will be able to access tools and solutions that compliment and work a long side our Consultancy services. The combination is extremely powerful and empowering, developed through qualified professionals to provide you with evidence-based information and guidance.

    Through engaging with our Consultancy services, you will have access to use a dedicated This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to give you the confidence to make the right decisions, and ask any additional questions you may have.

  • Shipping Terms Open or Close

    “How long should I expect the delivery of my products to take”?

    There is no requirement for shipping for any of our products, services, or tools. When you purchase any digital subscription from the Changetoolbox range, once you sign up to your chosen annual Business Community membership or subscription, and make payment, you will automatically be redirected to a Membership Area, it will list the Subscription(s) you have paid to access and you will instantly be able to view the content of these paid services.

    Digital means, less adverse impact on the environment, helping to protect the world we live in!

  • Payment Terms Open or Close

    “What payment methods do you accept”?

    We accept PayPal, Stripe and most major Debit and Credit cards.


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