Wellbeing Endeavours

Put back work routines, and support people without work locations getting in the way of your business plans. Reduce day-to-day stress, through empowering Wellbeing Endeavours.

  • Manage individual, business objectives and build a solid brand
  • Engender Wellness and Selfcare as part of daily working routines
  • Support people, and communities to live a longer, healthier life
  • Bring a sense of fun, belonging and happiness into the workplace

Build layers of protection around mental health and wellbeing through a native app from Changetoolbox, enjoyed by successful businesses, with innovative cards, app features, and over 600 inspirational ideas of how to show support and get involved.

Grow your business and thrive in an innovative, virtual world, and discover inspirational virtual activities, or flip for an in person, onsite, Wellbeing experience.

Improve wellbeing, selfcare, performance, and productivity, through a positive Wellbeing Experience everyday…

Unlock your business and people skills, grow your network and connections, and achieve your important goals and business plans through every Wellbeing Endeavour experience.

  • Establish Wellness as part of your business routine
  • Strengthen people’s emotional and physical resilience
  • Develop people and business skills and nurture talent
  • Go beyond the mission statement with Wellbeing Endeavours

Grow your business and Wellbeing plans using a framework of business and individual objectives, go-to resources, and tons of knowledge, accessible all in one place, for a true learning experience with the support of Wellbeing Endeavours.

Inspire people to adopt selfcare with Wellbeing Endeavours 9 People focus areas;

Resilience, Performance, Learning, Services, Reward, Development, Talent, Communication, and Resourcing.

Get started with “WE”…


Do something great for families, communities and charities, and make wellness and selfcare part of business routine through Wellbeing Endeavours.

Bring a sense of FUN and happiness to people through virtual or in person Wellbeing Endeavour activities, trigger motivational habits and increase positive self-esteem.

Protect your business, the environment, and people’s mental health and wellbeing through the support of Wellbeing Endeavours, and help people live a longer, healthier life.


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