Manage the goals and plans important to you and engage with your people, clients, associates, and customers, and feel less stress and more in control with MyToolBox.

  • Emotionally connect people to your business with engaging conversations and engender a sense of belonging
  • Identify people’s preferences and improve productivity and performance, and boost engagement levels
  • Establish the right employee experience through your business values and work practices and create the best workplace
  • Grow your business in a competitive market and develop your culture and claim brand authority

MyToolbox is a range of native apps from Changetoolbox, shared by successful businesses, and contains cards with app features packed with information, ideas, questions, and insights, to grow your people, brand and business and thrive!

Take the stress out of your day-to-day through MyToolBox, quick and easy to access from any device and wherever you work.

Remove the what if’s and feel better prepared in a crisis, and confident to make the right decisions to create your own success story with the support of MyToolbox.

  • Build engaging conversations
  • Hold meetings with confidence
  • Flip surveys into business goals and plans
  • Protect your business and people

MyToolBox range, instantly accessible, to target selected skills, knowledge and capability areas, helping you to achieve the goals and things important to you, and focus on the priorities to grow your business.

MyToolBox empowering Range:

EngagementCrisis LeadershipEmployee Experience

Employer Brand, CultureCommunication


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Make the right decisions at short notice and feel empowered through the support of MyToolBox to manage in a crisis.

Gain valuable knowledge through the help of MyToolBox and provide the right employee experience to grow your business.

Ask the right questions, with the help and support of MyToolBox and build engaging one-one and team conversations.


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