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Blue is a brilliant entry level for Small Businesses and works great when you want to develop, Upskill, and support others.

Silver takes a step up for Medium Businesses and includes your own 'Hungry Professionals' winning recipes, tips, and ideas, helping you to look after your wellbeing, feel energised and ready to take on a more productive working day.

Gold moves towards strategic innovations for Enterprise Businesses, including Business Break Time Tips, and a business reference library with legally accredited Employment CheckIns that empower you to make the right decisions and grow a successful business.

We pride ourselves that your business tools and solutions are Agile and Safe, and the New MyToolBox Range is no exception, with Native App functionality and features, these business tools will save you time, resource, and money.

Tap ‘Add to Home Screen’ icon on your mobile or tablet to add Changetoolbox, and select your new business tools from the MyToolBox Range.

Open your Toolbox to enjoy exclusive Business Solutions and feel part of a trusted Business Community.


All your tools are digital, there is no postal costs, or frustrations in waiting for the post to arrive, we give you instant access to your Business Community Benefits.

Digital means, less adverse impact on the environment, and no passing around pieces of paper, or cardboard information!

Gain instant access to employment tools that are nothing less than legally accredited through our qualified employment law experts, helping to protect your business, and give you the peace of mind, and level of assurance your business needs and deserves.




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