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Listen to Change Expert Jessica, introduce Your New Digital Consultancy Services... 

How Digital Consultancy Services connect you with the right solutions, saving on your Time, Resource and Money!

Through our Digital Consultancy Services, you'll learn smart ideas, new and traditional theories, and solutions, so you can break the back of your change plans and learn how to build your Better Normal and start moving in the right direction.  We have the expertise and the know how, to find the right solutions to help you to feel confident to get your business where you want it to be

Business Roadmap to transition from temporary arrangements

Do you have a Roadmap in place to help your Business transition from Temporary to new Work arrangements?

We help Businesses like yours, by providing Change Solutions and Techniques for the very new, right through to the mature businesses of today, through experienced Change Experts, methods and tools.

We know that putting in place temporary arrangements and for some, moving your business location, will have been tough going, and you may already be thinking about how to move your business forward to get your business settled for the long-term and planning to move it onto the next stage of your business plan.

We can help you to identify what 'moving on looks like', help you to start the planning process and to develop a clear plan of where you are and where you need to be. Change isn't easy, so we'll flush out the symptoms and focus on your pressure points. 

We'll help you to execute your changes fast, minimising the risks of unnecessary loss of your resource and customer confidence, working with you through small steps and developing the solutions and plans.  

Business Future-fit fitness test

Would your business pass the fitness test today?

We recognise how extremely difficult it is for your people and business to maintain structure and routine, since being turned on its head. Getting back on track, moving in the right direction, yes, is possible! 

Through Expert Consultancy Services, we offer guidance and support and change methods that produce quick wins to resolve your People and Workplace challenges and issues, safely and quickly.  Saving You Time, Resource, and Money without you even leaving your workplace! 

If your business is in need of Expert support and advice, book your Tele-meet to discuss your needs and how we can help, and we'll soon have your preparations and plans in place to start moving your business forward with confidence, at a pace that's right for your ongoing business commitments. 

With many years of Consultancy experience in resolving People and Workplace changes, issues, and challenges, we can help your business to Pass the Fitness Test by guiding and supporting you and your business through your Virtual Consultancy Services.  

Big wins for business

How we help you to get Big Wins for your Business? 

Using Digital Communication methods, we can sense check your symptoms with the support of our change tools, and start the planning process to Transition your business from temporary arrangements to the next stage in the change process, getting you a step closer to where your business needs to be. 

We'll take small steps but achieve Big Wins and we can introduce as little or as much change, at a pace that works for you. We'll help build a flexible plan, so you hit the 'Go' button and 'Stop' when you need to.  

We help you to achieve Big Wins by introducing you to new and traditional theories and solutions, Saving You Time and Money, without you even leaving your workplace!  

We focus on your people and critical change issues as priority and identify your quick wins first. So, throughout the process we will challenge and develop behaviours and ethical decision making and get into the critical thinking, to boost the fitness of your business to take on these competitive, uncertain times.

Goals support Businesses through uncertainty

How Virtual Consultancy Services Work With You?

We help Businesses like yours, by providing Change Techniques and Solutions, for the very new, right through to the mature businesses. 

We offer all types of transformation, transitions, Expert Change Consultancy support and advice, helping you to manage your challenges, support you to resolve your individual and group People and Workplace issues, no matter how small or challenging, we can help you to resolve them.

We want to make your People and Workplace priorities a successful reality, and equip you with the right tools for current and future use, and help you to identify areas of your business that will benefit from other interventions. We'll let you know what to expect in return from your investment and be there to support you when you're ready to take on further changes and need guidance and advice. 

In these difficult times, through our New Digital Consultancy Services, we want to support your business and help you with your immediate and future People and Workplace issues and challenges. 

We've also introduced a New Road-map Consultancy, to help businesses like yours to develop your own Roadmap, producing an outline at High-level of where you are and where your business needs to be, and transition to a new and better normal.

Change plans, Benefits and Costs

Investing in Virtual Consultancy takes care of your Costs?

We offer Expert Consultancy Skills and Techniques that will help you to achieve any or all of these benefits, for you and your business... and of course there will be many others!

*Make your change priorities a successful reality 

*Transition Temporary work to expected place of work

*Take the guess work out of your change plans 

*Know how to implement change at pace, with confidence 

*Sense check your symptoms and start the planning 

*Develop your Roadmap, know where you are and want to be

*Identify solutions, that may otherwise be missed  

*Build a flexible change plan 'Go-Stop' to suit your needs 

*Be equipped so you can continue to go forward

*Make sure your business passes the fitness test

Through Digital Consultancy Services, you'll hear smart ideas, new and traditional theories, and solutions, so you can break the back of your change plans with confidence. It's a really efficient way to meet your needs, Saving  Time and Money, without you leaving your workplace!

Business opportunity to develop Workplace plans

Give Your Business the opportunity to develop your own Workplace plans, and move your business forwards

New Digital Consultancy Services, help to target your People and Workplace issues and challenges, without you leaving your workplace and helping you to balance your budget alongside your priorities!  

Choose your Digital Consultancy sessions, and take as little or as much time as you need, working within the constraints of your time and budget to meet your requirements.

We've made our New Digital Consultancy Services available for the very new, right through to the mature businesses, to make it possible to help you and many other businesses to tackle your People and Workplace priorities.

Book your Complimentary Tele-meet to discuss your Business needs, and we'll swiftly connect with you and discuss how to help and support you with the challenges and issues you're facing today.

Click image to book your No obligation, FREE Tele-meet, to discuss how we can help your business and support you with the challenges and issues you're facing today... 


Your Digital Consultancy Services can be arranged for 1-1 half an hour, or 1-1 hourly sessions. 

For further cost savings, book your 'Bite-size, Flexible' block of 4 Virtual Consultancy Sessions, available for a Limited Time!

Digital Consultancy UnlimitedPer 1/2 Hour
Digital Consultancy Flexible Block of 4Per 1/2 Hour£120
Digital Consultancy UnlimitedPer 1 Hour£65
Digital Consultancy Flexible Block of 4Per 1 Hour£220

Connecting Your Business With The Right People And Workplace Solutions

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