You Cannot Over Communicate

How important do you think good communication is to the success of your change plans and what’s your role in managing and affecting change? Do you, should you make yourself more accessible during this period that’s known to be quite tricky?

As a leader, what actions can you take to inspire the right emotions during change in your business, when typically, as human beings we will resist change, and many of us perhaps become victims and assume worst case scenario by initiatives to change?

There are several emotional states that change drives in people and one of these is ‘Trust’.

Trust is the foundation for enabling effective change

Without fostering Trust, you can almost indefinitely expect a lot more resistance to implementing any form of change in your business and resistance is going to take its toll on your resource, time and budget!  

People are all different and your business will be no exception, they are the all-important variable factor and there is no perfect text book that’s going to tell you how to be the perfect leader, that’s going to result in the perfect change process. So, earning the trust of others will go a long way to supporting you and your business to managing effective change, put simply, you cannot over communicate with those that work with and for you, including your stakeholders and customers.

Different levels of acceptance to change

A word of caution, you can’t always know how people are going to react to change and levels of acceptance to the pace of change will differ, so it’s really worth getting others involved in your change plans, at the earliest point possible and working collaboratively in developing and making the perfect plan.

Think about you and your teams’ behaviours, maybe in reality you are nudging the changes along, but let others do the driving, let them feel ownership and part of the future and here’s the thing…

As leader in your business, you may have knowledge of what needs to change in your business, so communicating this knowledge openly and with as much transparency will help others to see and understand, why your business needs to make the changes and will serve well in taking people through the emotional change curve.

The strength of good communication will encourage a mindset that says, “change is going to happen, it’s now up to us to find the best way to make this change happen”?

Communicate and engage with others, stakeholders, teams, customers, your people, and anyone your change plans affects, influence the right behaviours and make them feel involved and empowered to drive change for you and with you. Make the change experience a positive one and in return you’ll reap the rewards of experiencing both team satisfaction and engaged customer satisfaction, resulting in successful change.

So, explore ways in which to best engage and communicate and in a way that works best to suit your business and your culture and don’t worry, you really can’t over communicate…

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