What will Job Support Scheme Mean For Your Business

Is your business ready for the new JSS Schemes? The Job Support Scheme(JSS) will be known as JSS Open and JSS Closed. It opens on 1st November 2020 for 6 months.

Under JSS Open Scheme;

- Employees must work at least 20% of their normal hours

- The JSS Closed applies to businesses who have been forced to close under the lock down regulations

- Employees will receive normal pay for the hours worked

- For non worked hours they will receive 2/3 s of  their salary subject to a monthly cap) 

- Of the two thirds, the Government will pay 61.67% 

- Employers will pay 5%, National Insurance and pension contributions (on the full amount)

- There has to be a written agreement between the employer and the employee to agree to these changes

Under the JSS Closed Scheme;

- The employee will receive 2/3rds of their normal wages, paid by the Government

- The 2/3rds pay will be subject to a monthly cap (£3,125 per month)

- The employer must pay National Insurance and pension contributions on that amount

- There has to be a written agreement between the employer and employee to agree to these changes

Under both the JSS Open and JSS Closed schemes the following apply;

- Employers are permitted to top up wages beyond the amounts provided for in the scheme

- Large businesses are eligible if their turnover has reduced because of the coronavirus (according to their VAT returns)

- All SMEs are eligible for the schemes

- Fully funded public sector employers cannot claim. However public sector employers receiving funding in part from private sources can claim if that private funding has been disrupted

- Claims for redundant employees cannot be made (or employees serving notice for redundancy)

- The calculation for the amount of pay will differ for employees on a fixed salary, versus employees on a variable salary

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