The Henlee strange looking thing and what can you do with it


Well, done if you guessed what the Henlee 'strange looking thing was' from the picture test that I put on LinkedIn!

Lee put us all to the test on the night that I joined him and many others to celebrate his 10th Anniversary in business, and what a wonderful idea and enjoyable evening it was.! I actually managed to guess it correctly, much to my own amazement :-) and won a prize as you can see...

£10 donation (answering the additional question from the picture round) – Jessica - donated to Cancer Research

And if you didn't manage to guess what the Henlee 'strange looking thing was' from the picture you see on LinkedIn and here in the NewsRoom, well, let me share this with you, it is a... 

Hala Fruit, species of screwpine native to Polynesia, and can be eaten raw or cooked.

Congratulations to Lee and the team for 10 Years of Henlee Resourcing … Michelin Star - Lockdown Style - "LIVE" with Roger Jones 

Jessica :-)

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