Relationship Customer Engagement

Do you need to change the way you engage with your customers to sustain and successfully grow your business?

Over many years the orientation of marketing for customers has really developed. We know that Transactional marketing will typically focus on driving sales to maximum customer attraction, and with only a small amount of this focus put towards customer service.

Relationship marketing however has a different focus, and this is the type of marketing that can engender trust both within your business and with your customers and through satisfying your long-term relationships with customers will also help to achieve your business goals.

We’ve long entered the cyclone of fierce competition between businesses and their brands, who are frequently being challenged with similar services and products, I’m sure you know many businesses that have experienced some form of competitive challenge!

Customer service has become a very powerful way for your business to strongly engage with customers and with such advanced modern technology, there are few limitations on when and how to do this and equally of course this technology has opened the gates for your customers to search for variations of your business offerings.

Are you finding it difficult to attract and keep customers, or worse, are you losing customers? If these are your pain-points, it’s time to change! Take a look at new and other ways to attract and introduce customers to your business and to keep them coming back! We all want to feel valued don’t we, so isn’t it important that customers feel valued, and the strength of how valued your business makes them feel may determine how long these relationships last?

The emphasis has shifted towards quality and service making it all the more important that you differentiate and have something, or some reason why people should do business with you and not with your competitors?

Can your business clearly differentiate from other businesses why customers should choose you? As you are thinking about this, here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Your business may offer regular complimentary, free services and/or products
  • The way you deliver your service, with speed, 7 days a week, over bank holidays
  • Personal Face-face services with the right environment to compliment your business
  • Conceptual services and products and creating, innovating to meet customer needs

If you can clearly communicate how you differentiate from other businesses this puts you in lead position, but if you aren’t sure what that is, then I strongly advise that you do this sooner rather than later. To support your business goals, it’s really important to know what it is that you offer your customers that your competitors don't!

If we can help you to identify how your business differentiates from others, please get in touch, or if you just want to share your business differentiator that works well for your business, we’ll enjoy hearing from you. Get in touch and let us help you to shape your business.

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