Time For a Workplace Makeover

Is your workplace due a makeover? 

Did you know that colour itself is not only a visual experience but, subconsciously affects the brain and therefore, how we work! 

Workplace lighting can also have an affect on health, well-being and productivity!

How can colour and lighting affect your workplace?

Well, whilst neutral colours such as white, cream, soft greys and browns maybe used within your workplace to compliment other colours', they may not be particularly stimulating, but nonetheless, they can create a sense of comfort. 

Natural light creates a constantly changing spectrum of colours' throughout the day, from warm in the morning to cool at midday and back to warm in the evening. However, natural light is not always available in the workplace, so why not introduce colour and light and put a boost of well-being into your workplace.

How to Introduce colour and light and boost the well-being and productivity in your workplace 

So, to make the right decision first time around, before you start to get out the colour charts, here are some tips on what affects some of the colours may have:

Blues are reminiscent of clear skies or placid pools of water which means they feel both tranquil and relaxing

Greens have a calming, restorative and invigorating effect as they reflect healthy and lush landscapes

Yellows remind us of the enriching warmth from the sun’s light, so are wonderfully uplifting and mood-enhancing

Oranges bring to mind juicy fruits and berries, so can be reassuring, energising and stimulating

Reds are seen in flowers, fruits and the heat from fires, so they feel warm, nourishing and comforting

But, if lots of colour isn't the right option for you, then perhaps artwork or some simple accent colours' may be a better option and if you opt for either of these, they will help to create a greater level of energy and lift the whole feel of your workplace! 

If you need help to improve well-being, get in touch and let us help you to shape your business info@changetoolbox.com  

Disclaimer: The information, data, used and any techniques, ideas and skills shared in this and all  publications are done so for the purpose of individual and business guidance and support only. Data and Information changes constantly within the legal and statutory systems and we highly recommend that you always check and work with any information through your own legal and support process.

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