The Savvy Modern-day Learners

It’s time for some fresh thinking if you want to meet the needs of the modern day learners!

You don’t have to be a new business, nor have new recruits to acquire ‘modern learners’ in your workplace. People from all walks of life, working in countless industries and sectors will fit the role of a ‘modern learner’.

In today’s businesses many of you may still chose to adopt the more traditional models when implementing your training methods, such as these:

Traditional training methods:

  • The How: Where the learner will be walked through ‘how’ things are done around here
  • The Show & Tell: Where learners are shown and talked through relevant information, processes, procedures and so on
  • Capability Assessment: Establishing the level at which the learner can apply their skills
  • Shadow & Perform: Following role models and mimicking the same performance

 If you are using traditional training methods in your business, here’s what you can do to put a fresh prospective on things and inspire modern learners to engage with your business.But, how can you recognise who these ‘Modern learners’ are?

Ok, modern learners are savvy learners, by this I mean they are hunters and hungry for quick and relevant answers, data and information, especially in their moment of need.They will sift out information quickly, using technology, such as smartphones, keeping what is relevant and useful and storing the information for future use and a quick reference!

Irrespective of the learning methods used in your business, you will need to consider your choice of delivery channels and how they fit with your training methods?

Delivery channels:

  • eLearning: Usually provided using a PC or some electronic device
  • Classroom: Typically, F2F in a room with others, facilitated by a trainer/tutor
  • Forums: Becoming more widely used through the support of social media/virtual platforms
  • Mentoring/Coaching: Skype and other virtual forms of communications

Savvy modern learners want to learn how to learn, and despite living in a pioneering world of AI and bots, these new modern learners still have a great advantage, (for now), with their ability to offer softer skills, such as emotional intelligence and critical thinking.  

Your job is to show modern learners:

  • Where to go?
  • How to get there?
  • What to do once they get there?

Give the right direction to hungry modern learners in your business and watch their performance grow. 

Empower this new era of savvy learners, simplify the content and location, make it an intuitive experience, setting your business apart. Achieve the right results from your investment by empowering modern day learners to be far more productive and to do their job well!

What will you do to engage with your modern learners? Get in touch and let us help you to shape your business.  


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