The Importance of Change

What makes change important to your business?

It’s as simple as this, if you standstill for too long, others around you, more affectionately known as your competitors will take the lead!

Change feeds businesses of today, regardless of size, industry or sector. There is no avoidance plan that is going to make you and your business an exception and embracing change is only going to enrich your business. Why? Because change creates new opportunities and opens the doors for your business to explore all the great things that  change can make possible.

When you are developing your next business plan they’re inevitably going to require some form of change. Let’s put it to the test!

Ok, let's get behind the PC, electronic device or just grab hold of pen and paper. Ready?

Write down the first 5 things that comes to mind that you would like to change in your business? Nothing, let's think again…

Prioritise the things that you’d like to change in your business, it can be anything, here are some examples to get those thoughts moving: 

  1. Changing how often you do your invoicing
  2. Increasing the number of clients/customers you provide a service to
  3. Less calls and visits to third parties/suppliers
  4. Reduce or Increase your staff numbers
  5. Get greater traction and awareness behind your service/products

 Embrace change, strengthen your brand and create success in your business!

Your business may need to change for all sorts of reasons, all of the changes I’ve mentioned and the ones you may chose yourself will reap many benefits, so it’s hard to believe why so many businesses put off change and even fight against it.

To put the wheels in motion get others involved where possible, to help you to identify your key business pain-points and make it everyone’s responsibility to identify what they are, the importance of them and how you’re going to resolve them, call them out and make change work for you and your business.

Depending on the size of your business, it’s key to keep everyone involved and let them come up with new ideas, innovations, boost engagement and morale and create a new way of thinking. When you start to see the achievements from the changes you’ve made happen start getting start planning the next important changes and stay leaders in your industry.

Boosting morale and getting everyone involved is a great recipe for success, it’s true and when you get on board with change you’ll see how powerful it can be, in a positive way, it’ll really strengthen your business USP (unique selling points), and work wonders for your brand!

Don’t try to change too much all at once; I can recommend the new agile way of working, it’s great for quick actions and boosting business success, so take small steps and chose the things in your business that can be changed quickly, break that into bite size chunks and in just a few days review the outcomes, then make any tweaks.

Celebrate success for every action achieved and then when you’re done on that step move onto the next and keep up the momentum, remember change never really comes to an end, it’s just the beginning!

See how important change is… We can help you get started, get in touch and let us know your story. 


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