Ten Top Tips To Help Improve Work-life Balance

With so many new and existing demands on you and your business, It’s hard to know what should be at the top of the list? 

Although, with so many people now working from home and remotely, work-life balance just got a whole lot more important to your business agenda!

As an employer getting to know your people, what their preferences are, their expectations, challenges and constraints are, will really help you to be in a strong place to support your people and help them to establish a better work-life balance. Adopting a ‘Putting People First’ mindset, will demonstrate to your employees just how serious you are about helping them to get the balance right and to look after their mental wellbeing. 

So, here are 10 Top Tips that you can adopt and share with your teams to help shake off unwanted low mood and fatigue, and boost morale and productivity, and trigger, energise and focus the mindset, helping to improve and live a work-life balance way of life.

We’ve listed these Top Tips from one-ten, but there is no relevance in priority, all of these ideas and tips will contribute to creating and getting the balance right. Try to refer to this list as often as possible during your working week, and even write them on your electronic 'sticky-note' and encourage your team to adopt the same approach.

 Remember, to keep checking-in on your Ten Top Tips...

1. Your most important tasks come first

Make a priority list and stick to it

2. Get better at saying ‘No’

Help where and when you can, but sometimes you just need to practice saying “no”

3. Stick with taking your well-earned breaks

Don’t take the short-term fix at the risk of encountering long-term health problems

4. Get involved and be part of a Community

Interact and boost your mind and productivity, networking is a great way to feel part of a community

5. Let go of the Multi-Tasking

Keep to individual tasks before you move onto the next item on your priority list

6. Facetime, Anytime

Setup some real facetime to spend with colleagues, your team, boss…

7. Switch off and Unplug

Invest in yourself, recharge, take time for self-care, it’s key to being successful

8. Shape the New You with a New Hobby

Research indicates that you can become a better leader, through taking up some leisure time

9. Reach out and embrace the support you need

Don’t let work spill over into your personal life, reach out and ask for support if work becomes a drain and feels heavy and tiresome

10. Change Old Habits

Take every step you can think of to change your old habits that are upsetting your work-life balance

Through adopting these simple, but effective tips, you will be in a stronger position to introduce and maintain a better work-life balance and help to develop a 'People company culture' across your business.

Get in touch if you're in need of professional, practical guidance and advice, to give you the knowledge and confidence, you need to deliver your business goals, and get the balance right, at: info@changetoolbox.com

Ten Top Tips To Help Improve Work-life Balance

by Changetoolbox

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