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If you want to strengthen your brand and attract the right talent for your business, you’ll need to invest in your choice of Talent Assessment Tools, but you may need someone in your business that is trained and confident in using such tools, they are often better placed with someone that is. Whilst Training and Coaching are sometimes perceived as expensive, interventions can assist greatly in retention and create a high return on investment.

Why investing in Talent Assessment Tools matters…

Assessment tools can be highly beneficial when used as part of your recruitment process and Millennials in particular are known to be looking for ongoing personal development and ethical work practices. So, to create additional levels of help and support for an effective  recruitment process, there are tools such as Personality Profiles and 360 feedback reviews that you can choose to use and will provide you with insights into:

  • Individuals working styles
  • Behaviours
  • Key strengths
  • Areas of development
  • Future potential in management
  • Level of ability with internal relations

Your investment will also help your business:

  • Strengthen your Brand and make your business more attractive to future talent & potential customers
  • Lower employee turnover, through making sure performance is managed regularly and that all employees receive regular feedback, empowering them to define their own objectives
  • Higher customer satisfaction levels will be recognised through levels of customer service. going that extra mile and providing a sense of genuine care that customers will trust and engage with

It’s not just businesses that can contribute to driving away quality talent, but it’s more likely to be weak managers and leaders who may also be responsible for causing disengagement and damaging your customers perception and the brand of your business.

 So, what can you and your managers do to retain talent in your business? 

  • Adopt a ‘coaching style of management to empower and develop others and keep them motivated, engaged and channel intrinsic energy
  • Observant of workloads and stress levels and manage them effectively
  • Deal swiftly with poor performers
  • Be courageous in decision making and committed to seeing decisions through

No matter what size your business, you can help to future proof it through building a strong Talent Management Programme with the right Assessment Solutions and the right expert support info@changetoolbox.com get in touch if you want to explore and discuss talent assessment services and let us help you to shape your business.

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