Starting with the Culture

Does your culture give your competitors business envy?

Is your business culture where it should be, is it aligned to your company vision, or is getting in the way of achieving your business plans?

Then maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board and take a fresh look at where your people are showing signs of buy-in, and where there are signs of weak and challenging areas. 

Once you have identified the areas, the strengths and weaknesses you will be able to put in place the building blocks, and start the process of building a culture that fits with your vision and business plans, and through the process you will be able to identify new ways to connect with your people, get the buy-in and improve the employee experience and levels of engagement across your business.

Sounds simple, but how do you go about developing a healthy environment and culture, especially when things have been the way they have for some time?

Let's start with the culture...

There are many ways to go about this, and many improvements may need to be made, but there are three key things that needs to be put in place:

    1. Strong leadership
    2. Good communication
    3. Good investment of your time

    Developing your culture will need a powerful and effective approach, involving:

      • Making yourself visible and accessible and really getting to know your people, and them you 
      • Spending time with your people, teams and listening to their ideas, concerns, and feedback
      • Giving them the opportunity to engage, see and hear from you to build the levels of trust

      This positive approach is far more likely to make your visions and plans a success!

      Effectively influencing others through a 'New way of thinking' 

      Be tactical and consider how you can help people to have a fresh, clear mind and consider taking people out of their typical everyday environment. Remember what you’re trying to do is to create a new way of thinking, to develop your new culture; so taking people out of the normal and influencing them to feel different from their typical day-day experience, is what you should aim for. 

      There are several ways you can achieve this, for example, through letting your people have a voice, and implementing a works forum, which will give your people the opportunity to feel instrumental to any proposed business changes, and play a role in the decision making process. 

      Your target is to get people to think and behave differently and say ‘hello’ to a new culture and better, healthier working environment, so give your people a sense of belonging, build trust and let them feel ownership of the business, and have the courage to put forward and challenge ideas. These and other initiatives are a means of achieving your business vision and a safe place of work, whilst building an effective employee-centric environment. 

      How you choose to communicate can make the difference!

      Having started on the journey of putting the right building blocks in place, you will need to nurture this new culture, and there are so many variations and ways you can choose to do this, but you should carefully choose the methods of communications you adopt. 

      Sending an email is one of the fastest routes to get your message out and be heard, but let’s face it’s also wide open to individual, group interpretation, which means that it’s also likely to be one of the least effective means of communication, when it comes to helping you to influence and develop your culture.

      Choosing the old fashion face-face comm’s route still remains a really positive way to make a big impact and connect and engage with your people. It’s true to say that people buy into people, so get yourself seen and be seen for who you are and connect with your people and let them build trust in you. 

      Be open to questions, engage in conversations and start to build the culture that will make a difference to your business, the people within it and let your business flourish and grow, become a healthy and happy sustainable business, with a great DNA and the personality that others in the market will look at in envy!

      If you need extra support and would like to explore the opportunities of how you can influence the right culture, and move towards your #BetterNormal, get in touch and we'll help and connect you with the right business solutions:

      Disclaimer: The information, data, used and any techniques, ideas and skills shared in this and all publications are done so for the purpose of individual and business guidance and support only. Data and Information changes constantly within the legal and statutory systems and we highly recommend that you always check and work with any information through your own legal and support process.

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