Company Culture

What does your Culture say about your Company's personality?

Your Company's culture defines a jointly shared description of your Company from within and possibly the civilisation in the workplace. It may refer to the philosophies, attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and practices that define an organisation and it could be the organisation’s immune system and described as the "company's personality. 

Putting culture first is probably one of the most important building blocks in creating a highly successful business. A company strategy is there for anyone to copy, but can anyone copy their culture? It’s likely to be the most sustainable point of difference between one organisation and another. 

Culture can be driven by leadership, how they put themselves across, what they say, their behaviours are all part of what could impact on culture. This puts ‘leading by example’ right up there and makes it so important that the bodies at the top present a positive attitude. 

There’s an expectation that these behaviours will feed down through the chain and create an internal soundtrack and positive effect on culture within your business. 

How does leadership impact culture in your company?

So, what is organisational culture?

Culture is essentially how each company “do things”and the values, along with behaviours that make up the unique social and psychological environment in the workplace. It is a set of shared assumptions that guide what happens in businesses by defining appropriate behaviour for various situations.

It is dangerous to assume there is only one culture within any business and it is risky for new leaders to ignore the sub-cultures. 

At its worst, a Company's culture can be a drag on productivity and performance. At its best, it is an emotional energiser.

Get in touch if you would like guidance with the culture climate in your company and let us help you to shape your business.  

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