Getting the Balance Right

Our world is twenty-four seven and Social Media is no exception to this, but it’s not just social media that has changed, in general it’s how we now work and how we communicate with each other.

The morale and well-being of you and those around you is pivotal and yet often the full-on, twenty-four seven demands and the stress that this can cause is sometimes difficult to recognise, even by the best of us.

So, how can you make sure that you’ve got the balance right in your business?

It’s easy to overlook the signs of just how much stress we can put on ourselves and others so good management of stress and well-being is a great place to start.

To help with managing and recognising the signs, here is a simple exercise that you can use for yourself and others. It takes a couple of minutes but will very quickly get to the nub of perception and reality, because often we can overwhelm ourselves with what we believe we have to do and cause ourselves unnecessary stress. 

Take a couple of minutes to draw up a list of what you believe your tasks and responsibilities require you to do in the workplace:

  • What do I think I need to do?
  • When do I need to do it by?
  • Now rearrange your list of ‘need to do’ and ‘by when’ and remove the things that you don’t need to achieve this week
  • Now remove the ‘nice to do’s’ rather than ‘must do’s’ and put them into a separate list and only focus on the ones that you need to manage and are going to make a difference now, today, this week!
  • Either at the beginning or at the end of each week, visit your separate list (nice to do's), and pull out at least one thing from this list to add into the new week ahead
  • Give yourself a treat every time you achieve a 'nice to do' off your list :-)

This exercise will help to you to crystallise and distress and add the focus you need to remove some of feelings of being overwhelmed by things at work. Now you can see the wood from the trees, it’s so much easier to see what really matters and needs to be done and by when.

Best of all ‘You are now in control of your work list; the list of items is dis-empowered and is no longer in control’! Allowing you to get the balance right! 

Share this simple exercise with your teams, colleagues, and others whom you collaborate with and let them benefit from this simple yet effective exercise.

Developing a social media policy can also help with removing some of the stress and will benefit any size business, so don’t be put off if you are a Start-up, new or SME business. Your policy can be as little or as long as you want to make it and the benefits will be worth the while! 

If you don’t already have a social media policy, it’s definitely worth thinking about the value it can add to your business on many levels and in simple ways and it will go a long way in helping you to make the most of social media and get the balance right.

If you’ve mastered the balance of good usage of social media in your business share your tips and ideas and please get in touch if you want help with getting the balance right and progressing your social media Policy, supporting the well-being and morale in your business, whilst strengthening your brand.


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