Revenue and Growth Opportunities

Do you know your business offering from your offer? Subsequently are you missing out on opportunities to increase your business revenue, customer engagement, gain traction and growth for your business?

As an entrepreneur, SME, Start-Up, or business leader It’s reasonable to believe that you know precisely what your business offering is and you know what it is you're asking your customers to buy and invest in, but is this distinction of your offering and offer made as clear as it should be to your customers?

The two checklists, ‘Offering’ and ‘Offer’ will help you to identify where improvements can be made so you can showcase your services and products and strengthen your place in the market. So, what’s the difference?

The offering is the services and products you are offering that will provide the solutions and help to resolve your customers pain-points and create opportunities that your customers can expect.

Offering Checklist:

  • Have you clearly defined the features of your business services and products?
  • Defined what your services and products do and how they will benefit your customers?
  • How will you ensure that your services and products deliver what they promise to deliver?
  • How long before the benefits can be enjoyed by your customers?
  • What makes your business services and products the right ones for your customers?

The offer focuses on the desire to buy your services and products and why your customers should buy them now!

Offer Checklist:

  • Why do your customers need to buy your services and products right now? 
  • Do your payment terms clearly align with your services and products? 

  • Have you been clear about your price structure?

  • Could you, should you introduce discounts/complimentary/buy 1-get-1 opportunities for all or some of your services and products?

  • Have you put some sense of scarcity in place, such as a certain time limit on the offer, aligned to some or all your services and products?

A call to action informs your customers of what to do next and maximises your business opportunities. 

Getting the Offering and offer right will enable you to introduce a strong ‘Call to Action’ such as "contacting your business or arranging a consultation or simply buy now"!

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