How To Prevent Your Business From Becoming a Statistic of Burnout

In these unprecedented times, the avoidance of becoming a statistic of Burnout is becoming challenging for many! 

Your business may be one of the well-equipped ones and you may have systems, processes and procedures in place, supporting the significant changes your business has undergone of late, but are these still able to protect your people and business from becoming a statistic of Burnout? 

At this moment in time it's really difficult to understand what normal at work is, and what it will look like short through to long-term, but recognising signs of burnout is critical in these current times... 

If on the surface your recent temporary arrangements seem amicable for many, communications across mediums such as national news, tabloids and social media platforms suggest otherwise! 

So, it's a good idea to look at the protective measures you currently have available and if you aren't already, start to conduct regular checks, where possible, on a daily basis to look out for any signs of burnout, and start to monitor your findings and quickly put action plans in place to address any concerns. 

Once you've established this, push the reviews out to fortnightly, then once you have confidence in what is happening, protract them to monthly checks. Here are some ideas you could include with your measures:

  • Stop and listen to people, find out what it is they are doing and how they feel
  • Get in tune with their stress levels, and find out where the anxiety is coming from
  • Tell people about changes, keep people updated and involved
  • Keep it human and create your environment that has a human side to it with a sense of fun
  • Encourage collaborative working (virtual teamwork as necessary)
  • Now is a great time to explore your business and people aspirations and development needs and build on developing a learning culture
  • Deep dive into how you can support your people with area's that are important to them, such as finding structure and routine, and methods to maintain strong communications, removing the feeling of isolation and helping them to source solutions with their individual challenges, constantly encouraging open conversations and positive engagement

Take this opportunity to promote good habits

You might want to try this highly effective way to achieve positive results:

  • Setting up a Working Group that meets weekly, using this opportunity to collate information of 'what the immediate issues and stressors are' and agree ways to develop 'positive solutions'
  • This method can easily be developed through the help of today's technology, such as using dashboards from Trello (a basic level free platform), to help manage progress and use your social media platforms to promote engagement and collaborate with others

If you would like to find the right solutions to prevent Burnout in your business, and take a step closer to protecting your people, get in touch:


Disclaimer: The information, data, used and any techniques, ideas and skills shared in this and all publications are done so for the purpose of individual and business guidance and support only. Data and Information changes constantly within the legal and statutory systems and we highly recommend that you always check and work with any information through your own legal and support process.


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