Boosting Morale at Work

A New year means planning for business changes, perhaps moving location, hiring new resource, changes to your business model or maybe an office move around?

Whatever the reason you’re intending to make changes to your business, be assured morale and productivity will be affected? 

Lack of motivation within the workplace can be contagious, with low morale leading to high staff turnover, disgruntled and unenthusiastic employees and low productivity.

So how can you help to boost morale, with a low budget and little time?

To make a positive difference to morale and productivity in your business here are some useful ideas for simple, inexpensive ways to make changes and boost morale.

Physical Environment

Think of your work environment and don’t underestimate the impact of making personal touches, such as adding pictures, plants, break and relaxation areas. These can really help to promote a more positive working environment. 

Personal Interactions

Remember, you’re dealing with people, not just another cog in the company machine.  Get to know your people; their names, the names of family members, their hobbies, challenges and interests, so you can interact with them on a more personal level and make them feel an important part of the team.

Reinforce Positive Behaviour

When was the last time you told a team member or colleague how much you value their contribution?

You are hard wired to look for threats; it’s part of your fight or flight response. This can lead to corrective management, as your focus will tend towards catching people doing things wrong.  A far more motivating approach is to spot people doing things right and tell them, outlining the beneficial impact of their actions.  It won’t be easy, but it’s well worth recognising, acknowledging and reinforcing good practice, as it makes individuals feel valued, encourages continued high performance and increased job satisfaction.

Focus on Strengths

Work with people’s strengths.  It will improve their confidence and make it more likely they’ll step outside their comfort zone and take responsibility for their actions.  

Allow others to fail safely and encourage Continual Improvement 

Encourage and create opportunities for continual learning.  Failure is part of this process.  Many successful businesses are recognising the importance of this and creating a supportive environment where people can fail safely and quickly and learn from these experiences. Let your team know “it’s ok to fail safely and learn from the experience”!

Create a growth culture

People, doing the job, are often best placed to outline the pros and cons of the systems, processes and procedures and offer innovative ideas. Encouraging feedback, learning from errors and thanking people for their input creates a growth culture, where people support each other and feel a sense of ownership and pride in the business.

Group Involvement and work towards a common goal

Team building is an important way of keeping employee morale high. It encourages teamwork and spurs people to work together towards a common goal. Good teamwork almost always translates into good results. 

Think about your outcome and invest in a few appropriate creative team building activities such as trips, outdoor recreation or group events to help boost morale.

Make the Changes Stick and accept the new norm

Be aware that all change, whether a subtle difference in routine, or a grand gesture will have an impact on your team. Change doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time, commitment and consistency of action to make change stick. 

It’s often the small changes and subtle differences that have the biggest impact on people’s routine and this can create the biggest challenges for them. 

Be bold and Engage, consult and support your team during the change process to help them accept and enjoy the new norm and if we can help get in touch and let us help you to shape your business.  

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