2019 New Year & New Resolutions...Have you planned yours?

How hard can it be to set our new resolution goals? 

Over the years, have you found it harder and harder to invest, yet alone commit to your New Year resolutions? I know I have, no one wants to let anyone down, including yourself! It’s demotivating, creates cracks in your confidence and can negatively affect our wellbeing, so I stopped making them all together!

In the past I’ve had all the enthusiasm and motivation to come up with my top goals, planning to work on them from January 2nd, even putting them in some order of what I was most excited about and wanted to achieve first. Was this consciously done, maybe, or perhaps subconsciously, I wanted to minimise the risk of failure.

Now some years on, I've found myself wanting, needing personal goals; I took a different approach, sliced up each resolution, and convinced myself to have another go at achieving my New Year's resolution goals.  

Firstly, I assessed the direction I wanted to take my life, so the goals would fit with this direction and ultimately, the ROI of my efforts and time would achieve the results that I was aiming for. Taking small motivational-size steps and recording my goals was so helpful, it managed me and showed me how much progress was made and kept me on track. 

This time I chose to prioritise my resolutions on the one goal that would have the biggest impact on my life, not the one that I was most excited about, as I had in the past, could this new approach work? Yes, it really did! I recognise that changing behaviours, can change your life. I’m now the proud founder of Changetoolbox, I’m on an exciting journey, I feel more energised and focused and it's helped me to power through life….

Here are some of  the key lessons learned to help you to succeed in achieving your resolution goals:

  • Don't be afraid to take up a new approach to setting New Year’s resolutions
  • It's time to change, reshape life and commit to a new way of achieving those resolution goals
  • Accepting that things hadn't worked in the past, doesn't mean that it should lead to the withdrawal from setting resolutions altogether
  • Working out and planning how to get there? 
  • Keeping a written record is invaluable, it keeps you headed in the right direction and focused
  • Enjoy the refreshing and motivating feeling, as you can see what has been achieved
  • Recording progress, showed that it looked so much more than it felt, in a good way
  • The motivation it gave, to power on and to commit to succeed new life-changing goals

 What’s your plans for realising your goals? info@changetoolbox.com we’d like to hear your story and we'll send you our Newsletter to keep you updated on ways we can help you and your business to succeed!

A New Year’s resolution: Commitments that we make at New Year’s Day

A tradition set in which we resolve to change an undesired trait or behaviour, to either accomplish a personal goal or/to improve our life. Get  in touch if you need help with developing your business goals and let us help you to shape your business. info@changetoolbox.com  

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